Was I in it? (alligatorandme) wrote in jerseyboys,
Was I in it?

News items from the past few weeks

  • Erich Bergen's hair has renamed itself "shih tzu."
  • Des McAnuff opens two new offices in the Questionable Accent Division of Dodger Theatricals
  • Christian Hoff lookalike Erik Bates finally cashes in big time on being a Christian Hoff lookalike
  • JB Vegas promises not to repeat the past sins of Avenue Q and The Producers
  • Jeff Leibow, in all his hotness, mastered "the pout" at the opening of the Palazzo.
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Erich's hair boggles my mind.

Erik Bates? Say what? Where is Deven? Question mark? So many question!
I'm not sure where Deven is. Not with the Sherry tour anymore, that's for sure!
All these cast changes confuse me. They keep trading the guys from one cast to another.
Jeff <3

That's all.